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An Agile Fortnight

The day to day operations of a two-week agile sprint.

Agile @ Genius.com Slides and Video Now Posted

Slides now posted from the presentation on the evolution of Genius.com’s adoption of agile development.

Genius.com Presenting on Going Agile With Scrum

Genius.com presenting on Agile adoption and software development Dec. 15 @ joint session of SF-Java, SF-PHP, SF-Agile, and SF-.Net meetups.

Post-it Note Blues

At Genius.com we consume large numbers of Post-it notes. We color code stories and are constantly stymied by 3M’s failure to sell notes in individual colors.

Genius.com's Blend of Agile Development

How Genius.com blends principles from Scrum, Lean, and XP to maximize the way we build software.

Adapting User Interface Design from Waterfall to Agile

Waterfall to agile transition observations from a veteran user interface designer. What was easy, what was hard, and what has changed to improve how user interfaces are agilely developed.