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Indonesian Architectural Appreciation of Genius.com

I take a lot of pictures, a number of them at our office. A few months ago, I took a shot of our reception area to test a new lens and thought nothing of it. While checking the referrers who linked to my Flickr pictures recently, I noticed a number of hits from an Indonesian-language […]

Genius.com's Blend of Agile Development

How Genius.com blends principles from Scrum, Lean, and XP to maximize the way we build software.

PHPUnit Mastery

How to maximize PHPUnit with standardized test names and the –filter, –coverage-html, and –testdox options

Branch to Branch Patching in Eclipse

Using Eclipse to migrate a changeset from one branch to another without having to check into the initial branch and merge using the SCM.

Our Daily Bread (and tea)

Detailing how the culinary lives of Genius.com engineers revolve around artisan breads baked by the team and gourmet teas from Grace Tea.

User Story Focused Daily Standups

Why Genius.com transitioned from person focused to user story focused daily standups. How this transition improved daily standup quality and overall development efficiency.