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Using dynamically generated configs with puppet

After using Puppet with an external node classifier for a while one starts questioning what other information could be generated by this instead of just YAML to feed the puppetmaster. When supervisor was being rolled out there was a need to a large number of near identical config files to be generated, however any special […]

On User Agent Strings and Bots

User agent strings are the obvious way to identify web spiders, but only a few bots make that easy. Many bots present as browsers, making a comprehensive list of bot user agent strings impossible.

Deferral and Recovery as an alternative Error Strategy

Error MessageBoxes and Exits from the application code is not the only way to handle errors in applications. If there is a chance that the error conditions can clear up such as network temporary outages, then Deferral and Recovery may be another way to go. Here I will describe a Deferral and Recovery method used […] Invades Harvey Mudd College teams up with Harvey Mudd College students to fill Professor and Computer Science Department Chair Mike Erlinger’s office with branded beach balls. Engineering Grant from Zimbabwe

$100 trillion (ZWD) grant to the engineering department. Negotiations led by Drew Stephens, VP of Fonts and Colors.