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Using dynamically generated configs with puppet

After using Puppet with an external node classifier for a while one starts questioning what other information could be generated by this instead of just YAML to feed the puppetmaster. When supervisor was being rolled out there was a need to a large number of near identical config files to be generated, however any special […]

Puppet External Node Classifier

In Puppet the initial method of holding information about your machines is through the site.pp config file, this rapidly becomes tiresome when you have more than 5 servers. This is where an external node classier comes in as a handy tool. The first step in setting up an external node classifier is developing what will […]

Puppet at Genius

Puppet is a configuration management system  that was created with the goal of making more portions of system administration tasks reuseable. At Genius puppet is used in all of our environments: production, staging, and development. Within this setup each environment has its own puppetmaster, with each master pulling against its own version of the puppet […]