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Database Fixtures for Isolated Testing in PHP

Long ago, Ryan wrote the history of our fixture frameworks. Now, you too can have the awesome Team Lazer Beez database fixture for your own project. With the release of Team Lazer Beez Open Source (formerly Genius Open Source) version 1.2, our YAML-backed, easy-to-setup fixture framework has been integrated into the gosTest framework. Here is […]

Using HornetQ without a separate JNDI server

This tutorial shows how to get HornetQ JMS resources out of JNDI. It also includes utilities to help use an embedded HornetQ server when writing test code.

Releasing Every Fortnight

How Genius went from releases every month to releasing every fortnight.

Advanced PHPUnit: Annotations

How to use the handy annotations feature in PHPUnit. @asset, @codeCoverageIgnore, @covers, @dataProvider, @expectedException, @group, @scenario, @test

Using NCover for .NET Code Coverage with Hudson

NCover plugin for Hudson CI. Developed by and contributed back to the Hudson project. How to install and configure.

Automating Browser Testing the Easy Way

Automating the running of unit and functional browser tests on a remote machine and capturing and reporting results in a continuous integration system.