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Building High Performance Teams

Creating high performance teams by fostering communication, transparency, and embracing good engineering practices.

Agile @ Slides and Video Now Posted

Slides now posted from the presentation on the evolution of’s adoption of agile development. Presenting on Going Agile With Scrum presenting on Agile adoption and software development Dec. 15 @ joint session of SF-Java, SF-PHP, SF-Agile, and SF-.Net meetups.

Indonesian Architectural Appreciation of

I take a lot of pictures, a number of them at our office. A few months ago, I took a shot of our reception area to test a new lens and thought nothing of it. While checking the referrers who linked to my Flickr pictures recently, I noticed a number of hits from an Indonesian-language […]'s Blend of Agile Development

How blends principles from Scrum, Lean, and XP to maximize the way we build software.

Genius At Large: Go-Karting for Genius Enterprise and Outlook Plugin outing to Go Kart Racer in celebration of the release of Genius Enterprise and a new version of the Outlook Plugin