Monthly Archives: October 2010

Puppet External Node Classifier

In Puppet the initial method of holding information about your machines is through the site.pp config file, this rapidly becomes tiresome when you have more than 5 servers. This is where an external node classier comes in as a handy tool. The first step in setting up an external node classifier is developing what will […]

Puppet at Genius

Puppet is a configuration management system  that was created with the goal of making more portions of system administration tasks reuseable. At Genius puppet is used in all of our environments: production, staging, and development. Within this setup each environment has its own puppetmaster, with each master pulling against its own version of the puppet […]

Using HornetQ without a separate JNDI server

This tutorial shows how to get HornetQ JMS resources out of JNDI. It also includes utilities to help use an embedded HornetQ server when writing test code.