Presenting on Going Agile With Scrum

Learn how to go Agile with Scrum

December 15, 2009 @ 6:30PM
835 Market Street, SF, CA
7th Floor/Golden Gate Room will be presenting on our Agile adoption experiences at a joint December session of the SF-Java, SF-PHP, SF-Agile, and SF-.NET meetups. The December 15, 2009 presentation will start with an overview of Scrum by Marko Gargenta of Marakana Inc followed by an hour presentation by Ryan Ausanka-Crues, Scott Mersy, and Drew Stephens of titled “Learn how to go Agile with Scrum.”


The hardest part of going Agile is the initial rollout of a new way of working. Whether it’s getting executive buy-in, overcoming team skepticism, serially prioritizing work, instilling cross-functional collaboration, or learning just-in-time design and incremental development, embracing Agile can be a daunting task. In this session, will share what made their rollout successful and what lessons they learned along the way. sells Software-as-a-Service sales and marketing applications to customers ranging from startups to multi-national enterprises such as British Telecom and Cisco. In its five years of existence, has released 8 products and accumulated more than 500 customers. As the company has evolved, so has the engineering department. The transition to Agile began in 2007 following a series of slipped releases and growing frustration with the pace of development progress. More than two years (and 14 consecutive on-time major releases) later,’s Agile implementation continues to evolve. Ryan Ausanka-Crues, Development Manager, Scott Mersey, Vice President of Marketing and Products, and Drew Stephens, Vice President of Fonts and Colors, will share their experiences.

They will cover what was like before rolling out Agile, what their rollout looked like, what they’ve tuned as they’ve gone along, and what their process currently looks like (including our split into two development teams).

Special thanks goes to Michael Tougeron from the SF-PHP group and Bruno Terkaly from Microsoft for making this event happen!

We are still confirming the sponsors for this meetup, but it’s safe to say that there will be plenty of drinks, pizza, and swag :-)

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