Indonesian Architectural Appreciation of

The entryway to the Geius office

The entryway to the Genius office

I take a lot of pictures, a number of them at our office. A few months ago, I took a shot of our reception area to test a new lens and thought nothing of it. While checking the referrers who linked to my Flickr pictures recently, I noticed a number of hits from an Indonesian-language blog. The post (English language translation by Google) uses our front office as an example of an inviting space for accepting guests. The post elaborates upon the necessary facilities to provide visitors so as to have a comfortable area for those waiting – a quiet space with good seating that is laid out to allow easy circulation of visitors and those meeting them.

I think the reason that the architecture blog picked up on the image was really because of our well-place branding, the modern furniture, and the orange wall that matches the logo opposite. It seems that our reception area is a shining example of how to put a good face on a company and create a positive first impression. Our interior design prowess is world-renowned.

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