Monthly Archives: May 2009 Partner SOAP API JAX-WS Tutorial Part 1

How to integrate an application with the SOAP Partner API using JAX-WS.

Outlook Plug-ins and Coexisting with the Snagit Application

Problems that arise when using Snagit and Outlook w/ plug-ins. How to use OS commands to retrieve control for your plugin. API Gotchas Part 2: Custom Field Ids

Navigating the intricacies of object custom fields with the SOAP API. Why the lack of a immutable primary key significantly complicates integration.

Summary of Bayjax May 2009 Meetup

Overview of presentations by Kent Brewster on Case-Hardened JavaScript, Brent Hamby on, Ozgur Cem Sen on JSConf2009, and Michael Carter on the Real-Time Web Invades Harvey Mudd College teams up with Harvey Mudd College students to fill Professor and Computer Science Department Chair Mike Erlinger’s office with branded beach balls.

Team Focus: Ray Sampson

An interview with eccentric QA engineer Ray Sampson. He discusses being a gamer, tattoos, how awesome is, and his announcer voice.