Monthly Archives: April 2009

YAML Gotchas

Overview of intricacies of the YAML serialization format. How to avoid beating your head against the wall trying to debug datatype and parsing issues.

Email Deliverability & RFC 2142: Everything you wanted to know and never dared to ask

Overview of RFC 2142 and how it relates to email deliverability by deliverability expert Franck Martin. Specifically, how to handle email lists that include ‘abuse@’, ‘postmaster@’, ‘sales@’, etc.

Team Focus: Drew Stephens

Interview with VP of Fonts and Colors Drew Stephens about working at, what he does for fun, and advice for college CS students.

Eagerly Anticipating PHP 5.3

What is looking forward to in the PHP 5.3 release. Dynamic static, late static binding, namespacing, etc. Includes code examples. at IETF 74

On behalf of, Zaid Ali an Franck Martin attended IETF 74 to further involvement in the development of email related RFC’s. Engineering Grant from Zimbabwe

$100 trillion (ZWD) grant to the engineering department. Negotiations led by Drew Stephens, VP of Fonts and Colors.