Monthly Archives: April 2009

Under-appreciated Java Classes Part I: CompletionService

The beauty of Java’s CompletionService class and how it’s useful for managing a group of Futures in concurrent systems.

User Story Focused Daily Standups

Why transitioned from person focused to user story focused daily standups. How this transition improved daily standup quality and overall development efficiency.

Team Focus: Alex Korn

Interview with software developer Alex Korn about working at, what he does for fun, Patty’s burritos, Harvey Mudd College, and advice for college CS students.

Why StumbleUpon's Use of IE6 is Hurting America

What happens to StumbleUpon posts when you don’t support IE6. Also, why supports ie6 but does not.

Extending Java’s Semaphore to Allow Dynamic Resizing

How to change the number of permits a Java Semaphore has after initialization by extending Semaphore to expose reducePermits(). Includes code.

Increasing Sprint Review Attendance with Branded Cupcakes!

How our sprint review for the launch of Genius Enterprise was enhanced with amazing custom branded Sibby’s cupcakes from Sibby’s Cupcakery.